Player FAQ

The Do's and Don'ts of the server

Players in a Party will gain an additional +60% EXP when EXP share is active.
If you are level 20+, match the detail color to your party members to turn OFF friendly fire.
No EXP or Item loss for players level 30 and below.

I can't login to the website. Where do I make an account?

The website has no connection to the servers database as an additional security measure. To make an account, simply log in using "1" as the account, and "1" as the password to create your personal account. Simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Can you use Elfbot or other macros on this server?

Standard functions of the OTSclient are fully supported. A few auto-detection systems have been put in place, but being caught using cavebots or war macros will result in deletion of any account associated with the offending IP address.

How many Vocations are in-game? Are they hidden?

There are a total of 20 vocations. You start with a choice of the 4, and once promoted are given a choice of 2 classes based on your first choice, bringing the total to 12. A third promotion will allow you to increase your second choice, resulting in a total of 20 vocations. There are no "secret" vocations.

Are there trainers?

Trainers can be found in any town, but some require a quest or two for access. Trainers are free - for up to 8 hours - because we all have jobs.They will not allow for spamming / botting magic levels. Instead, the trainer will accordingly EXP your magic level based on your vocation. While hunting will increase both skills and magic faster than trainers, it's a good middle-ground for when you're swamped with work and don't want to fall to the wayside.

Is claiming spawns okay?

Claiming spawns is absolutely okay, with the exception of each zones "Final Dungeon", or where the zones Titan resides. You may claim and hunt parts of these grounds, but please allow players to continue through if they are ready - as these "Final Dungeons" are necessary for game progression. Letters can be bought from any supply vendor to show your claim of an area, and all that good stuff that comes along with it. Remember - If you're going to claim a spawn and strong-arm other players out of it, have the brass to back it up.

Players Wars & Power Abusing

Wars are a key feature of Tibia - and they are going to happen. Wars are supported, and if needed special zones can be opened for large-scale assaults if requested by the two parties. 

Power Abusing is a fine line - but it is not tolerated. This is more of the golden "Don't be a dick" rule - while you're allowed to claim spawns and flex your strength, it is NOT okay to stalk, verbally abuse, or otherwise harass a player to an extreme level. Remember that this is a game - and we're all here to have fun.

Where is the Guildmaster?

Guilds phased out of NPC systems a long time ago -- Welcome back! You can create a guild at level 20+ by using the in-game command "!Createguild, guildname" and invite players / manage your guild through the guild chat, which will show you a list of Guild Master commands. If you have trouble finding the commands once your guild is open, go to guild chat and type "!commands"

I can't progress in the Dungeons alone - what gives?

While at first glance it may appear that you need a group to solve some of the puzzles presented before you, they have all been tested as a solo objective, and are indeed solvable alone with some wit, skill, and timing. Please note that this only applies to puzzles geared at map progression. Some puzzles required to enter Titan / Worldboss rooms will require more than 1 player in some instances, but it will not hinder your ability to progress on the map. If you think you've encountered an impossible solo puzzle, a community manager will gladly assist you and check up on the parameters of said puzzle.