A quick guide to the vocations of Zalandaria


Promote to Knight or Warrior.

Knights retain all fighter abilities
- +20% armor and defense bonus 
- +5 hp/ lvl 
- Huge defensive and HP bonuses from shields

Warriors forget Protector, Challenger, Protect Party, Charge
- +10% melee
- only class to use 2h weapons
- gain Fierce Berserk, Shockwave, Great Haste, Rage, and Blood Dash.


Promote to Archer or Rogue.  

Archers will retain all Ranger abilities
- +10% range damage
- improved Ranger abilities (Hail of arrows lvl 2, etc)

Rogues duel wield Sword / Dagger. Forget all Ranger atk spells. 
- Access to Vampirism skill 
- +25% attack speed
- Gain Shadowstep, Throwing stars, Shuriken, invisibility, infect, crosscut, and ultimate haste.
This class provides you with starting weapons if chosen.


Promote to Warlock or Shaman.

Warlocks have the highest burst in the game.
- +20% magic dmg
-Retain sorcerer spells
-gain lvl 2 versions of strikes
-access to arcane missiles / Deathmissiles  

Shamans are the offensive support / DoTs.
-Forget arcane missiles, deathmissiles 
-All basic dots increase to lvl 2, and fire to lvl 3
-Large DoTs such as Apocalypse & Plague
-Can summon up to 3 minions


promote to Sage or Elementalist.

Sages heal for +20% and are the top healer.
-retain all druid spells
- special healing auras that can toggle between offense and defense, as well as party buffs.
-Can instantly heal and apply Heal-over-time

Elementalists serve crowd control and AoE 
-Forget healing mist, support spells, and does not learn support spells 
-Gain some fire strikes, tundra, thunderstorm, and almost every rune spell minus SD and some sorcerer exclusives
-Specialized skills such as Blizzard, Pulse, and Ice Beam.

Promotion is attained by slaying the first Titan

Additional classes coming soon