How to Connect with an In-game Account Manager

1/1 to create account in-game

Launch Tibia 8.60

Launch a standard version of Tibia 8.60. 

If you need a version of Tibia 8.60, or want a fresh client to not reset another servers hotkeys, you can download a new copy below.

Launch any compatible 8.60 IP Changer

Any injector that works with 8.60 will do the job here. 

-In the IP Box, enter your desired IP.
U.S / EU Players:
Brasil Players:
IP's are suggest - use your fastest option
-In the Port Box, enter '7171'
-If asked for a version, select 8.60
-Select Apply / Inject / Confirm

If you need an IP changer, you can download it from the link below.

Use the in-game account creator

Simply log in using the account "1" and the password "1", without the parenthesis, and you'll be able to create your personal account by following the on-screen text prompts. 

No e-mail required, no fancy subscriptions. All of your privacy is 100% intact.