Donating with PayPal

Follow these steps to get your donation items the fastest

Contact a GM in-game or on discord

The servers database is not linked to the website as an additional security measure, as such we cannot implement an automatic system in place with donations. Instead, items will be given directly to players from a GameMaster personally. Contact one before sending your donation to receive rewards in minutes.

Copy your Transaction ID

Save your Transaction ID somewhere safe, and present it to a GM over Discord. As soon as the message is seen and confirmed, someone will log in to give you your rewards. 

Waiting too long?

Contact the team directly by emailing Someone will assist you directly with getting your items. Have a copy of your transaction ID ready.

Donation Shop

Please note: All donation items are available for free in-game. No items are exclusive. The highest Tier of armor is Tier 7.

Buy a cup of coffee for the Dev

$ 3
  • Get an Enhancement Gem as a thank you!
  • 3 Donation Tokens for in-game rewards

Donate another amount

$ 5 - $50
  • For every $5 Donated, get 2 Enhancement Gems as a thank you!
  • For every $5 Donated, get a Socket Gem!
  • Get 1 Donation Token for every 1$ Donated.

Buy a month of Server Uptime

$ 89
  • Provide the server with a guranteed additional month of uptime
  • Receive 1 choice of t5 armor as a thank you!
  • Get 12 Socket Gems for your new items!
  • Get 30 Enhancement Gems to bolster your gear
  • Receive 100 Donated Tokens for in game rewards

All donations above $5 receive "Donor" status

Enjoy additional perks, like using !shop to summon a personal aide, and access to the Test Server.

**As doações não são automáticas. Contate um Game Master antes de doar, ou entre em contato com Dev no Discord.

Pagamentos do Brasil

Qualquer Valor

$ 5-R$500
  • Para cada R $ 25 você ganha 2 Enhancement Gem
  • Para cada R $ 25 você ganha 1 Socket Gem
  • Para cada R $ 5 você ganha 1 Token de Doação para Itens
  • Doe R $ 25 ou mais para usar "!shop" e acessar o Test Server

Want to Donate with Cryptocurrency instead?

Donate with any major Crypto

Cryptocurrency is booming. If you want to use Crypto to donate, click below!

 *Donation Rules*
a. The money you are donating is yours or you have permission to send it.
b. Donation items have no insurance policy. If you lose it, its gone.
c. All donations are final, you cannot receive refunds!
d. Chargebacks will result in account termination if items have already been issued.
e. The donation system is NOT automatic. A gamemaster will personally give you your items.
f. By donating, you will receive in-game incentives as a thank you when a GM is available.
g. Donating will not prevent you from being banished for breaking the rules.
h. All donations go to keeping the server online
i. Using money that is not yours, or on a stolen card, will result in criminal investigation where your IP address will be handed over, and account terminated.

These rules may be changed at any time.