How it works


Use your preferred wallet

We accept all major Crypto. If you wish to make a donation with crypto, find the appropriate receiving address below. If you do not see your preferred coin below, message an administrator in-game or on the forums, and we'll open an address for you to send to and add it to the page. 


Keep your TX (transaction) ID!

Log your transaction ID and a screenshot of your wallet sending address to verify your identity (one time) on the account. This is to stop anyone from claiming IDs that are not theirs. NEVER SEND YOUR PRIVATE KEYS TO ANYONE. Once verified, you will no longer need screenshots of your sending address, You'll be the only account that can use that particular sending address on our server. Security is priority.


Get rewards in your favor

Crypto is volatile. But that's half the fun.
Your donations are safe if a GM is unavailable to give you your rewards. The value will be assessed at the time of receiving, with a 10% differential in pricing on lowered amounts in your favor. We do this as a nod to you, the players, for your support - and to be sure you get your true value, as prices can vary from site-to-site.

Donation Shop

Please note: All donation items are available for free in-game. No items are exclusive. The highest Tier of armor is Tier 7.

Buy a cup of coffee for the Dev

$ 3
  • Get an Enhancement Gem as a thank you!
  • 3 Donation Tokens for in-game rewards

Donate another amount

$ 5 - $50
  • For every $5 Donated, get 2 Enhancement Gems as a thank you!
  • For every 5$ Donated, get a bonus Socket Gem!
  • Receive a Donation Token for every dollar donated
  • All donations go to server upkeep

Buy a month of Server Uptime

$ 89
  • Provide the server with a guranteed additional month of uptime
  • Receive 1 choice of t5 armor as a thank you!
  • Get 12 Socket Gems as an added bonus!
  • Get 25 Enhancement Gems to bolster your gear
  • Receive 100 Donation Tokens for in-game rewards

Donate with Crypto

Keep as copy of your Transaction ID as proof!









Want to send a different coin?

Message a GM in game, on the forums, or on Discord and we'll get a new address opened up for you.

Want to use PayPal instead?

Secure, online purchasing.

PayPal has been long the standard of online payment. If you feel more secure using PayPal, click below.

 *Donation Rules* 
a. The money you are donating is yours or you have permission to send it.
b. Donation items have no insurance policy. If you lose it, its gone.
c. All donations are final, you cannot receive refunds!
d. Chargebacks will result in account termination if items have already been issued. 
e. The donation system is NOT automatic. A gamemaster will personally give you your items.
f. By donating, you will receive in-game incentives as a thank you when a GM is available.
g. Donating will not prevent you from being banished for breaking the rules.
h. All donations go to keeping the server online
i. Using money that is not yours, or on a stolen card, will result in criminal investigation where your IP address will be handed over, and account terminated.

These rules may be changed at any time.