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A new approach to Custom

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Welcome to Zalandaria 8.60, a low-rate, fully custom project built from the ground up. A level up should be rewarding, so we did away with the eye-sore that is a high-rate battle. Every item, monster, and spell have been rehashed to work with NPCs uniquely tailored to a new environment in a map built from scratch, along with over 50 custom animated spells for over 12 vocations. Enjoy hundreds of quests, gathering supplies for crafting, sprawling dungeons filled with puzzles inspired from the "Metroid-Vania" era of gaming, gigantic Titans that will challenge you in new ways, and other innovative and exclusive content built by and for the Tibia Community. 

Key Features

Unique features that are must-knows for new players

Mining & Crafting

Ore nodes can be found throughout certain locations of the map, offering a new way to upgrade and improve old gear. Mining ores offer a variety of benefits beyond crafting, as not only will you find yourself with additional pocket cash from selling ores, for every ore sifted the player gains EXP based on both the rarity of the ore, and the item received.

Bring ores with coal to any furnace or forge of your choosing, use the furnace to spend a coal to light it, and use the now lit forge to smelt any key ores into metal bars for crafting. Talk to nearby blacksmiths to see what they can now make with your bars and any other necessary items.

Combine Monster Parts and Herbs gathered from over the lands to create potions, antidotes for all ailments, and additional crafting materials while leveling up your Alchemy and Cooking skill to unlock new recipes

Item Rarity & Enchanting

Every item dropped from a monster-kill has a chance to be Rare, Unique, Deadly, Swift, Hawkeye's, Epic, or Legendary - each offering stat improvements and bonuses on any item they are applied to. If you find yourself struggling in one area, backtrack to find more suitable equipment - or pay your local Miners Society a visit.

Items can be further enhanced with the use of Enchantment Gems - unique crystals with the ability to improve the stats on equipment and weapons. Enchantment gems can improve equipment up to +8, and gems will not reduce any item levels on failure. Using an enhancement gem on anything Rare or above will not result in any lost stats.

Map Progression

The only way to progress throughout Zalandaria is by completing each zones "Main Dungeon" and collecting a rare Artifact from inside. Artifacts act as tools, and allow you to progress further in the game by burning down obstacles, smashing a boulder to bits, or even grappling across canyons. Even if a friend lent you theirs to use - the item would be unusable for you until you have also completed the quest.

Dungeons are also hosts to world bosses, known as Titans. Each Titan is tailored to their respective dungeon / zone, and offer the finest gear for progressing to the next stage of the map. Players will find that unifying to defeat Titans will yield unparalleled rewards by comparison to their underling counterparts.  Titan's are entirely optional, and it is not required to defeat them before moving onto the next zone, though it is highly recommended. // 7171

News & Updates


QoL updates and Map Expansion

-Adjusted spawn times in various locations through zones 2 and 3 (Crusaders, Cyclops, Minotaurs, Vampires, and some specific Dragon spawns)
-Adjusted the damage and spellcost of Barrage and Magic Arrows lvl 2 & 3
-Tweaked the spell "Apocalypse" to correctly target the player
-Fixed a mapping error in Ice Witches and the Crystal Spider Mines
-Fixed a bug with Utevo Lux conjuring the the power of the sun (lowered radius)
-Fixed the damage ratio with explosion runes
-Fixed the dialogue for the gold mines to display which step you are missing in the quest (if one is missing)
-Added an additional level to the minotaur underground camp
-Added a map to the Desert, showing key spawn locations
-Rare spawns added to the Tundra (zone 4)
-Adjusted Slot Machines to reward a Jackpot Box for 3 of a kind, and a Super Jackpot Box for 3 cherries in a row.
-Additional mapping to the under-construction zone 6

11-04-2020 > 11-11-2020

For more active Updates, visit our Discord!

Had a few crashes this week that were thankfully identified. Most of this week was dedicated to solving those issues and recompiling the server to add new functions.

-Added an additional ping to the first map showing where zone 2 is
-Fixed NPCs not buying stacked items (hotfixed - already live)
-Added a taunt to Shamans Summons (raised corpse)
-Add Gamechat, Help, and Trade chat auto-opening when logging in
-Boosted the EXP gain from mining in zone 2, 3, and 4.
-Adjusted Fierce Berserk on warriors so the damage window isn't as large. Max damage was un-affected.
-Added a bot jail, where you will need to activate a timer to leave. The timer is exponential with every offense.
-Grizzly Adams now allow you to cancel quests once above 2 kills
-Boosted Task EXP
-Fixed some items not having the correct level attached to them
-Added a new healing spell for Rogues (lvl 60+)
-Fixed a bug with certain spells causing lag
-Changed Shaman Summons to not receive damage from the summoner
-Adjusted scaling spells to what is now listed below:
Deathmissiles lvl 1, 2, 3
Plague lvl 1, 2 x
Arcane Missiles lvl 1, 2, 3
Magic Arrows lvl 1, 2, 3
Barrage lvl 1, 2, 3
Apocalypse lvl 1, 2
Soul sear lvl 3 buff

-Grapple hook can now be given back, if lost, from the relic collector
-Added two handed clubs back into the game for Warriors
-Fixed a bug with the "orc raid" quest, where if failed you could not re-attempt.
-Began the actual off-paper process of zone 6. Wew!

10-07-2020 weekly

For more active Updates, visit our Discord!

-New Zone: Draculas Castle & Corrupted Castle (zone5)
-10 new NPCs added in the new area, with some more to come
-Vampire Bats, Nightmare Spawns, Hand of Cursed Fate, Necromancers, Dark Priestess, Ferumbras Guard, Grim Reapers, Demons, and Ancient Dragons added
-New Worldboss added at the end of an epic 30 part quest-chain through the new zones. This boss has some fun mechanics, so pay attention to your surroundings!
-5 new trinkets added, along with 4 new weapons
-Relic bag lvl3 added
-5 new materials added for crafting
-adjusted Ancient Weapon damage (buff)
-nerfed some starting area mobs, including wargs and some undead.
-Adjusted rune damage, making them more viable
-Added Exura Sio lvl 2
-Elementalist can now use Sio lvl 1
-New potions added. They can be bought / looted in zone 5.
-Alchemy NPC moved to a house near the East Gate.
-Widened all entryways for Depot and Shops
-Event House added due west of Depot, where the Event Shop can now be located
-New Event - portal race
-Trainers will now kick you out in the correct town you are training in.
-Increased event frequency on weekends

09-23-2020 > 09-26-2020

Widespread updates

For more active Updates, visit our Discord!
- Finished release of the 5th island on the Tundra
- 3 new Tundra quests, 1 being a small chain
- Addition to the Miners Society (Tundra)
- Leviathans and Aquadis (4th titan) join the monster list
- 2 new NPCs located in the Tundra
- New alchemy recipes
- New cooking recipes
- 30ish new items including:
- 4th mine access available
- Adjusted loot on all Tundra monsters.
- Adjusted ice witch EXP
-New spell for Sages & Warlocks, Fire aura.
-Added new island for low-mid level, Summerhaven, holding a quest for some t2 pieces to power your up before taking on the Expedition Mountains.
-To get to Summerhaven, speak to Captain Seabreeze at any level, but lvl 20-30 is recommended.
-Various tweaks to starting monsters in zone 1 and 2 (nerf)
-3 new hunting spots in Zalandaria for low levels
-Added more grappling hook locations
-Adjusted cooked food weight / healing percentages (buff)
-4 new events added: Bomberman, Gold Rain, Fire Storm, and Zombies.
-Event shop added
-All events are located in the Event Portal in Zalandaria Depot, or joined via talk commands.

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